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About Us

About Us

The Municipality consists of ten(10) Barangays, namely: Poblacion I, II, III, IV,Callos, Las Piñas, Sto. Tomas, Sinasajan, San Josef and San Mariano.

Peñaranda was once known for its high quality crop, the betel leaf locally called ikmo. This leaf is used by older folks as chewing substance. Recently however, the crop is on the brink of extinction. Rice remains a flourishing farm produce.

Every month of May, Peñaranda residents stage a musical drama called “Araquio”, a re-enacment of Christians’ quest led by Queen Helena and King Constantine for the Holy Cross where Jesus Christ was nailed. In this cultural show, actors and actresses garbed in colorful and lively costumes dramatize this century old tradition which features swordfights between Christians and Moors.

Peñaranda is also known for its mouth-watering, native rice cakes such as, espasol, putong puti, bibingka and sapin-sapin.

“Caring can be learned by all human beings, can be worked into the design of every life, meeting an individual need as well as a pervasive need in society.”
Mary Catherine Bateson

Local Government Mission & Vision


Peñaranda as a center for tourism and agribusiness in Nueva Ecija, capitalizing on its natural resources, rich cultural and historical heritage, Peñaranda as an economic, cultural, dynamic, peace-loving, healthy and holistic community under a responsible and participatory governance committed to the welfare of all.


The Local Government Unit is committed:

  1. To sustain and enhance the moral values of its constituents through good governance.
  2. To deliver quality basic services to its people
  3. To promote agricultural productivity
  4. To establish self-reliant citizenry.
  5. To safeguard its environment and natural resources
  6. To create a drug free society.
  7. To promote and develop Peñaranda as the tourism center of Southern Nueva Ecija.
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