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Mayor’s Welcome Message

Today marks a monumental milestone in the history of Peñaranda as we welcome all in the launching the, the official website for the Municipality of Peñaranda, Nueva Ecija.

The internet portal designed specifically to be an effective tool will enable our municipal government, local departments, and officials the ability to interact, in real-time, with other offices with both public and private in communicating various concerns of our town and constituents.

We are confident that through this cyberinfrastructure, our Local Government now has the mechanics to deliver services and information to our fellow Peñarandans no matter where they are in the world, a reflection of participative governance that I have envisioned for our people.

Additionally, this virtual Town Hall provides us the chance to showcase globally, our history, cultures, and traditions, hopefully, will redound on economic opportunity for our people, by way of more vibrant tourism and business opportunities.

In closing, I would like to take this occasion to thank all those that have extended their help and expertise to make this endeavor a reality.

Thank you.


Peñaranda was formerly a barrio of Gapan. It was then called Mapisong which means “a place abounding in big stone”.

The distance between Gapan and Mapisong was considered remote during those days even if it is only about seven kilometers (7 kms ). The unfavorable means of transportation at that time urged the Cabeza de Barangay of Mapisong to persistently ask the the Cura Parroco and town officials of Gapan to recommend the declaration of Mapisong as an independent municipality.

Public transportation improvements in Mapisong was constructed and supervised by a Spanish military engineer named Jose Maria Peñaranda. This man played an important role not only in the infrastructure programs of the new town of Mapisong but also throughout the island of Luzon during the Spanish regime under the administration of his uncle Governor General Enrile, hence , the name “Mapisong” was changed to Peñaranda in his honor.


June 05, 2024


June 01, 2024
Clean up Drive June 1, 2024  


The Municipality consists of ten(10) Barangays, namely: Poblacion I, II, III, IV,Callos, Las Piñas, Sto. Tomas, Sinasajan, San Josef and San Mariano.

Peñaranda was once known for its high quality crop, the betel leaf locally called ikmo. This leaf is used by older folks as chewing substance. Recently however, the crop is on the brink of extinction. Rice remains a flourishing farm produce.

Every month of May, Peñaranda residents stage a musical drama called “Araquio”, a re-enacment of Christians’ quest led by Queen Helena and King Constantine for the Holy Cross where Jesus Christ was nailed. In this cultural show, actors and actresses garbed in colorful and lively costumes dramatize this century old tradition which features swordfights between Christians and Moors.

Peñaranda is also known for its mouth-watering, native rice cakes such as, espasol, putong puti, bibingka and sapin-sapin.

Local Government Vision

Peñaranda as a center for tourism and agribusiness in Nueva Ecija, capitalizing on its natural resources, rich cultural and historical heritage, Peñaranda as an economic, cultural, dynamic, peace-loving, healthy and holistic community under a responsible and participatory governance committed to the welfare of all.

Local Government Mission

The Local Government Unit is committed:

  1. To sustain and enhance the moral values of its constituents through good governance.
  2. To deliver quality basic services to its people
  3. To promote agricultural productivity
  4. To establish self-reliant citizenry.
  5. To safeguard its environment and natural resources
  6. To create a drug free society.
  7. To promote and develop Peñaranda as the tourism center of Southern Nueva Ecija.

Explore the Province

Enjoy the amazing beauty of Peñaranda, Nueva Ecija
Official Website of Municipality of Peñeranda


Arakyo Performers in Sto.Tomas Penaranda Nueva Ecija
The Araquio festival is a celebration traditionally held every May in Nueva Ecija. The festival dates back to the Spanish colonial period and is celebrated with a theatrical/religious presentation similar to Spanish zaruelas, dramatizing the spread of Christianity in the country and the war between Christians and Muslims.The name Araquio is said to have come from Heraclio, the name of a bishop during the time of Constantine the Great. The first Araquio presentation took place in the town of Penaranda, Nueva Ecija over 120 years ago. Before modern musical instruments were available, the bands used instruments made from indigenous materials like bamboo. According to Francisco Vergara Padilla, director of the Araquio group in the barangay of Sto. Tomas in Penaranda, during his grandfather’s time they used basins and utensils as substitutes.
Araquio is usually presented in May, during the feast of the Cross. The date of the feast varies from one town to another. This festival starts with a mass and ends with the elaborate Flores de mayo celebration. Each performing group is given a day or two to perform in the town plaza, making it a week long presentation. Local wealthy families usually make it their spiritual duty to sponsor the festival, sometimes giving no less than fifty thousand pesos.





PEÑARANDA RIVER IRRIGATION SYSTEM 1925-1930 Peñaranda, Bayan Kong Sinta, ang bayang hinubog ng mayamang kasaysayan at kultura. Sa patuloy na pagdaloy ng panahon, maraming matatamis na karanasan at mabubuting alalaala ang nabuo sa lugar na ito., na kailanman ay hindi malilimutan ng bawat isa na naging bahagi nito.